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Glamping in style with Under Canvas

Growing up in Texas, my family and friends went camping every spring break. We would head south on IH35 to Canyon Lake, located in New Braunfels, Texas.  There we drag out the tent clear the campground, pitch the tent, start the campfire and have a blast for the whole week. Over the years, the campsite became a little bit fancier, and we spent less time roughing it and more time enjoying the comforts of being at home.  You know sleeping in real beds versus sleeping bags, cooking in an actual kitchen versus a kerosene stove, watching TV versus well anything LOL.  I didn’t realize it at the time that we were “GLAMPING.” Let me tell you that “glamping” has come a long way.

The Under Canvas Experience

Under Canvas has turned the camping experience upside down.  I really should say they have turned the camping experience into a 5-star luxury experience.  They invited us to check them out during their first full season in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Undoubtedly, they wanted us to experience first-hand glamping the Under Canvas way.  Having this experience allows us to share with you what a unique venue this is, especially if your dream wedding and style are a perfect match.  With this in mind, coupled with my love for camping, I accepted the invitation and told the girls to get ready for a luxurious glamping trip.  I am so glad we did.

The drive up to the campsite from Atlanta was definitely a great start to the adventure.  This drive was the first time I looked at my GPS and thought I’m driving on a roller coaster.  We did a cool loopty loo at night, in the dark under the stars on US 441…tots amazing.

“Here we go loopty loo, here we go loopty li, here go loopty loo All on a Saturday night!”

First, let me start by saying the staff is fabulous with fantastic customer service.  One thing Under Canvas has done well is to create a luxury resort experience that has minimal impact on the environment. After every season, they break down their 40+ tent campsite leaving only the Lobby Tent intact.  There are four main options to choose from: Safari, Deluxe, Stargazer, and Suite.  In addition to the tents, you also have the option if you need more sleeping space to reserve a hive (think teepee as reference).  All tents include a king bed, a seating area, and a wood-burning stove.  The Deluxe, Stargazer, and Suite styles have a deck and a full bathroom.  Yaaassss, that’s right, a bathroom!  For those “purest,” the Safari tents are on the ground and share a communal bathroom, which is better than any shared bathroom I’ve used while camping.

You are sleeping under the stars in style!


Unplug….Say What?!?

I must warn you to be prepared to be completely unplugged.  Seriously!  Cell phone reception is virtually none existent even for Verizon users.  You may get a few bars here and there.  There is no wi-fi action happening either.  At first, we went into panic mode; I mean, let’s face it; our devices rule us from the moment we wake to the moment we fall asleep.  Being unplugged forced us to enjoy each other, whether that was eating breakfast at the camp (BTW the breakfast burrito is the business), playing board games, or just getting ready to go on an adventure; we had to interact with each other.  Look, we even printed out directions to our various adventure locations; that’s right old skool turn by turn paper google maps directions.

Speaking of adventures, we found so much to do in the area.  For example, a few miles from the campgrounds, we tapped into our inner cowgirl and went horseback riding. I’m a firm believer that all animals (even fish) have a unique personality; what was hilarious is that our horses mirrored our characteristics.  Located about 15 mins away, The Island in Pigeon Forge has Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, and a Ferris Wheel.  Smoky Mountain National Park, located in Gatlinburg, has some gorgeous trails.  We hopped on the Trillium Gap Trail on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, which took us to Grotto Falls. It’s an easy trail that is 2.6 miles roundtrip with a beautiful waterfall waiting to greet you with is beauty at the end.



Is this right up your alley?

You’re engaged, and Under Canvas sounds impressive!  In other words, your ultimate adventure is around the corner, and we’re all about creating fun and unique experiences for you with memories t0 last a lifetime. Have you dreamed of getting married outdoors, to be one with nature, in a non-traditional boho, country, or eclectic extravaganza?  Are you and your fiance an explorer, adventurer, a backpacker, all the things? You will not; can not go wrong with choosing Under Canvas as the place to host your wedding celebration.  It is the best location for you to share your love of nature and outdoors with your family and friends.  Whether you are looking to elope or do it upstyle with all your family and friends, there is an option for you.

“Eloping” has taken on a whole new look.  Long gone are the days of hopping in a plane to Vegas and saying “I DO” with Elvis as your officiant. Your elopement at Under Canvas will be an intimate gathering of your closest family and friends (up to 30) or a romantic, picturesque getaway with you and your fiance.  You all will become glamping guests, and your ceremony and dinner reception will take place onsite.  Afterward, continue the celebration of your “I Do’s” in downtown Gatlinburg or the Island at Pigeon Forge.

Elopement, not your thing; with a full camp buyout, you can host your dream wedding weekend celebration.  You and your guest will have exclusive access to the entire camp: that’s right, the tents, platform event space, and the lobby tent.  Under Canvas will be your blank canvas, and we will paint it to reflect you, your taste, and style.  The best thing is there is no reception curfew!!

“Ain’t no party like a [insert name here] party; ’cause [insert name here] party don’t stop!”


Are you ready to host your wedding weekend at Under Canvas in the Smokey Mountains, and party like its 1999Contact us today to get started!


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