Mini, Micro, Elope: Is a Small Wedding in Your Future?

 It’s 2020, and the world is experiencing all sorts of mayhem (in my Allstate Mayhem Voice).  If you are like me, you’re waiting to see what’s next.  One thing that hasn’t changed is LOVE, your love to be exact.  You share the exciting news of your life with your family and friends. There’s no denying it the Covid-19 pandemic has altered many wedding celebrations. 

This pandemic has a bright side, seriously! The “Small Weddings” movement is making a comeback.  Small weddings focus on the intimacy of your union, celebrating with the people in your lives that matter most.  Having a small wedding doesn’t mean that your celebration is lacking in style, uniqueness, and fun.  With a lower guest count, you can add some personalized special touches that you might not have been able to do with a larger guest count.  

Let’s talk about the different types of small weddings:


Mini or Intimate Weddings – Our mini weddings have a guest count of 50 or less with all of the elements of a traditional wedding.  The best thing about this option is your budget will further.  You can splurge on those extra touches and details you may have bypassed with a guest count of 150 or more.  So go ahead and sign-off on the custom escort card display and a multi-course meal with wine pairings. 


Micro, Tiny, or Pop-up Weddings – This type of wedding focuses on the most important part of a wedding, the ceremony.  We plan multiple weddings back-to-back at the same venue. This style allows you to share the cost of all elements of the celebration, such as the photographer, officiant, florals, etc.  We take elements that are important to each couple and incorporate them into the overall design and experience of your wedding celebration.  These weddings last two hours, which includes your ceremony and a mini champagne/cocktail reception.  Picture you, your fiance, and 20 or less of your nearest and dearest family and friends all gather together at a fantastic venue to celebrate your union.  


Surprise we got married, y’all!! That is what comes to mind every time I hear the word elopement.  In a previous blog post, I mention that the basics requirements need to say “I Do” is you, your fiance, an officiant, and a marriage license. That’s it…plain and simple.  Choosing to go to the courthouse is the most popular choice for an elopement; however, the options are limitless!  We will help you plan and organize each detail of your nuptials.

Venue? ✔

Officiant ✔

Photographer? ✔

Florals? ✔

Small weddings are cozy and intimate, and you will love every aspect of your celebration and create unforgettable memories with your guest. You’re able to skip traditions and details that aren’t of importance to you and splurge on the details and traditions that are.  They also give you the opportunity, especially if you choose a micro wedding or an elopement to have a sequel wedding or party to celebrate with all your family and friends.  Regardless of your choice, remember that your wedding celebration is about you and your fiance, and should represent your love and happiness.


P.S. Don’t forget the color, the style, and the fun!!!  


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