You're Newly Engaged Congrats!: The Value of Hiring a Wedding Planner in Atlanta

As a newly engaged couple, you’re ready to embark on a lifetime adventure as Mr. & Mrs.

Where do you start?  

Not sure? So you Google wedding planning, buy wedding magazines, create a Pinterest board, download a planning calendar, and attend Atlanta bridal shows.

Okay, now that you’ve completed that, what’s next?

Your friend suggests hiring an Atlanta wedding planner; however, you are hesitant and consider handling the planning yourself.

What should you do? Should you consider an Atlanta wedding planner?

For many, hiring a wedding planner can come down to cost, and you need to understand why you need one.  You might reason that a planner is a luxury, not a necessity, for your wedding. 

If you think about it, to be legally married, you need an officiant, a Georgia marriage license, and two witnesses; everything else is a luxury item.  

I love this quote from Melissa Boyd of Novelty Events “A wedding is a lot like a limo. It’s luxurious, fun, expensive, and you only have it for one day! Why would you rent a limo but then drive yourself around? Wedding planning is kind of similar — why would you spend all this money on your one wedding day and try to do everything yourself?” 

While many couples decide to DIY initially, a good majority of them, in the end, wish they had invested in a full-service wedding planner.  Understandably, what a wedding planner does is not very apparent, especially if this is your first time getting married. It’s easier to understand the value that other wedding professionals bring based on their titles:

Wedding Photographer = Photography

Confectioner = Wedding Cake/Dessert

Caterer = Food

D.J./Band = Music/Entertainment

See easy breezy.

But what about that Atlanta Wedding Planner?  What value/benefit do we bring to the party?

Our scope of work goes beyond checking off lists and cueing the bridal party down the aisle. Honestly, most planning service package descriptions only touch the tip of the iceberg. The actual scope of what we do is so rich in detail and varies depending on your needs.  It takes a lot of patience, organization, creativity, passion, and, most of all, time to plan and execute a genuinely flawless and remarkable celebration. Planning your wedding is like having another full-time job, and can you honestly enjoy the process if you are exhausted?  

On average, can we spend up to 500 hours planning and producing your wedding.  We put our heart and soul into every celebration we plan, design, create, and manage; the time we spend on your event helps you to enjoy your engagement and wedding day.

We give you Peace of Mind.

The peace of mind to know that we have your back, allowing you to enjoy every moment.  Not only do we recommend the right vendors for your creative team, attend meetings, read through contracts, ensure fulfillment, and serve as your advocate and liaison; we are here to offer advice, answer questions, or take you on a coffee date just because you need a break.

We will keep you on track, for example, by ensuring you order your wedding dress on time and create a budget that reflects your per-person cost (there is a difference in spending 100k for 100 guests vs. 100k for 200 guests).  We pay attention to the big “obvious” things and look out for the small “not so obvious” details. For example, confirming weeks before the wedding day when the rentals can arrive at the venue or if set up can happen the day or night before with or without an extra fee.  

The Big Picture

Our role as designers is to consolidate all your ideas and inspirations into a unified and personalized design that truly reflects your unique vision and style. We understand that you want to be heard, and we are here to listen. Every celebration we design is designed to reflect YOUR vision, YOUR personality, and YOUR style.

Do you love pops of color? We got you!

Do you love art? We got you!

Do you love surprising your guest with the details and overall wedding day experience? We got you!

Why Choose Posh Chic Events as your Atlanta Wedding Planner?

You, your fiancé, family, and friends can enjoy your wedding celebration while we handle the logistics and timing of the day’s events.  Sure, you can ask your cousin or friend to act as your 

coordinator on your behalf, but truthfully they want to participate in the celebration and will lose sight of ensuring the day runs smoothly.

We are there to work for you!

As your planner, we know that timing and logistics are everything, and we manage the timeline, ensure setup is done correctly, and communicate with your creative team and wedding party, ensuring everyone is on the same page.  We address and handle any mishaps that may arise, providing a seamless experience for you and your guest. At the end of the night, we make sure nothing is left behind. We invest our time, expertise, and passion in you to make you comfortable trusting and investing in us.  

Look, this is YOUR wedding, and it should be amazing.  You deserve it, and you should ENJOY every minute of it.


 Ready to start planning a celebration that is uniquely yours? Let’s work together.


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